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Tim Hunold UX/UI Professional

I strongly believe that trends should not ruin user experience. We do what we can based on fads, not always what is right.


Who Is Tim?

Not only have I been devoted to providing website solutions with powerful technology for 20+ years, but I also will always be your loyal engineer because I am a team player. I like to be part of the team, not just a service worker. Many companies I worked for I am now a customer of.

I was first to Flash, and then followed JavaScript from cool interactivity to the present day frameworks.

We are all users, understanding that the user is not the product, that we must consider them is my core ethos.

I have been doing this for so long that I have seen it all. I tend to have a sixth sense because of it and if I panic, you are probably venturing into bad territory.

It is crazy to think I started out in fashion and film, and that I have made things crossover by striking innovated deals. You'd be surprised to hear some of my stories.


Have Gun, Will Travel.

HTML5, CSS3, SCSS/SASS/LESS, JavaScript, Angular 2-13, MDBootstrap (Material design bootstrap), Typescript, (I hate) React, jQuery, ES6, NGRX, NGINX, Apache, Linus, Unix, Mac, Windows, Docker, Karma, Jasmine, Mocha, Protractor, CI/CD, Agile, SCRUM, Jira, Confluence, Adobe XD, PhotoShop, Sketch, UXPin, UX Research, SEO, WCAG 508 ADA compliance, GitHub/Bitbucket, Invision, Zeplin, UI, Front End, Architect, Lead, Mentor, requirements gathering, VOD, CDN, AWS, EC3, Networking...

Web Design & UI

I actually got fan mail as a designer for a fashion site, and I was booked like crazy when I was one of the first Flash designers. Since that time the design world has gotten simpler focusing more on experience and interactivite solutions that are simple ane elegant.

Incredible UX

Calls to action can be something marketing is very enthusiastic about but they can ruin the user experience. We build for people, not bots, so as part of the Google User Experience Research team meant I saw first hand how bad some sites are. We also must consider the users that require assistive technologies and build for them.

Technology Buckets

We use buckets as a metaphor for understanding modularity. Thinking about containers and seperation of concerns making things scalable and easier to maintain.

Looking for a smart guy for a professional outcome? Choose me, you will never regret it!

My Stuff

I try my hand at sarcasm, from time to time. LINK

I have been pretty busy lately, LA City and Courts have had me on reatainer from 2021-2023 (now), I worked on a Beverly Hills ecommerce site for a high and luxury watch store Westime . I even worked on casino software with high security requirements.

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